My name is Marcos Behrens and I am an experienced graphic designer and illustrator. I set up Piu Piu Studio to be the new the face of my illustrative work. 
I decided to adopt an old nickname of my time in ad agencies in Rio. It is a very charismatic and fun name and relates to my personality and nature. Piu-piu is how kids call chicks and little birds and brings us back to a time where are are our most creative: our childhood. It is also a very beloved cartoon character.

I grew up in the hills and riverlands of the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro State. Living in harmony with nature has had a significant influence on my work with vibrant colours and fluid graphic stroke. Also, the nature and sustainability is a recurring theme.

For this new brand i decided to create something the honoured my home of Rio de Janeiro and its identity and also my heritage of nature. Along with a fun name, it matches the vibrant style of my work. To get there i chose to explore and be inspired by the great works of Roberto Burle Marx who has made an enormous contribution to Rio’s cultural identity with iconic landscape and space across the city exploring nature. 

The logo represents sea and forest coming together in the wonderful city and the lettering references the iconic urban landscapes like the gardens and the world famous Copacabana Walk.

This approach makes a truly Carioca Look and Feel and I hope you all enjoy it!
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