​​​​​​​What is most interesting in Tape Art is the ability to produce such stunning artworks from a day-to-day commodity. It is a very democratic art form. This “Do it yourself” concept enables so many talent people to discover themselves as great artists.
How did I start?
My first Tape Art experience dated back 2012. At that time experimenting with numerous techniques as screenprinting, collages, hand drawing, pastels… I had just moved to a new home so I had a few rolls of packing tape, So I saw it and said to myself: “Why not?”. 
I took a sheet from my Canson Drawing pad, did a rough sketch and started taping over it. I liked a lot the result but it didn't quite work on paper. It got messy and it was very limited. So I started to do over wood and it expanded in possibilities. 
At that time, I hadn't yet heard there was such a movement behind and that it was called tape art. I am really excited to learn so many artist doing it and be able to exchange with them.
What does inspire me?
As themes, i like to represent people. Gender, tribes, origins, ethnicity… I like to exploit people's  feelings and issues.  I am also devoted to nature as it is people's home and environment. I was raised in country side, in a farmhouse 100 km from Rio. Being in touch with local communities, trees, animals and rivers were essential part of my upbringing.
That has a immense impact in how I design. I try to base some of my tape art in my digital work. I have developed and organic and fluid stroke and quite often uses nature as theme. 
I enjoy things that connects people:  music,  movies, sports, pop culture, that brings the world together. 
Who does inspire me?
One artist that strike me as a guide is Sheppard Fairy. I like the way he builds portraits through shadows and masks of colors.  The choice of people he represents and concepts is also inspiring to me.
I also get inspiration from past movements. My digital stroke, fluid and organic is from art nouveau that was very present throughout my life since t was my mother`s favourite art. Other source was the Impressionism. Most of tape art is better seen from afar. I use the packing tape`s transparency and blend many colors. That makes a color depth effect. I
I started working with the brown tape and basic colors. But recently i was able to find tapes in so many colors and by blending them I produce a much larger pallette.
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